IRB (Irr Rpg Builder)

BRI is a simplistic game (Game editor) in open-source software. The project was initiated a few years ago by Andres Jesse Porfirio for a project of end of studies to the University and then he left me the reins to continue the project. This piece of software allows you to create a RPG type game environment. The user didn’t just place these ‘players’, and a few models and start a game. This project is not finished, but offers some functionality. It happened time since I haven’t had updated my blog. IRB was updated days in alpha 0.31 in January 2015 here are some videos on Youtube that show the new features: 13 here: editing a shader to enhance the appearance of the ocean: beginning of integration of a system of projectile « House »: 


I work less often than at the beginning on this project and relegated as a hobby. I’m always looking for volunteers who could continue the project.

IRB (IRR RPG BUILDER) version 0.3

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