I now use Blender 2.8!

At the very beginning, I had learned to use Newtek Lightwave by myself, and then a few years later, when I took my Level Designer course at the Ubisoft Campus. Dawson College; I had been taught to use 3DS Max and ZBrush.

With time, the lack of finances to be able to acquire licenses. To replace ZBrush, I bought 3D Coat, and recently added for a year a license of Substance tools including Substance Painter. We'll see if my finances will allow me to continue another year with the substance tools.

The exorbitant price of licenses for 3DS Max, I had taken an internet course on Blender 2.79b that had me help to transition, but now with the new workflow of Blender 2.8, I believe I can say goodbye definitively to 3DS Max (for my use 100% staff


The new features that will be brought soon in future releases could make me use only Blender for sculpture. All I have to do is use only Blender and Substance Painter for textures and materials.

The new version really made me a fan of the software and interested me in participating in the community and taking some of my free time to add news about Blender for the French community:

(Blender News)

Bought a new version of 3D Coat (4.7)!

Today, I decided to go buy a new version of this software. Software that I find super cool to do and work models. There are also ZBrush, but I really like more work (workflow) of it.

3D Coat:3D Coat interface

3D Coat is on several aspects so 3D modeling software:

  • Sculpt from voxels.
  • Carving on polygons like ZBrush.
  • Do re-topology of a model of high density to a model “low-poly” for real temp presentation as a game.
  • Create UV for the preparation of the textures.
  • Do paint patterns on textures and the “baking” of materials and lights in patterns.

For me, it is an essential tool for all 3D models to achieve. I am always on 3D Studio max to make the basic form and the animation. The new feature of version 4.7, did I couldn’t resist! Laughing out loud! 🙂 The functions of ACB (Physic based) materials are really impressive and add even more realism to the material. Here is a video of the new features of version 4.7 of video old Coat 4.53D  

IRB (IRR RPG BUILDER) version 0.3

IRB (Irr Rpg Builder)

BRI is a simplistic game (Game editor) in open-source software. The project was initiated a few years ago by Andres Jesse Porfirio for a project of end of studies to the University and then he left me the reins to continue the project. This piece of software allows you to create a RPG type game environment. The user didn’t just place these ‘players’, and a few models and start a game. This project is not finished, but offers some functionality. It happened time since I haven’t had updated my blog. IRB was updated days in alpha 0.31 in January 2015 here are some videos on Youtube that show the new features: 13 here: editing a shader to enhance the appearance of the ocean: beginning of integration of a system of projectile “House”: