Today, I decided to go buy a new version of this software. Software that I find super cool to do and work models. There are also ZBrush, but I really like more work (workflow) of it.

3D Coat:3D Coat interface

3D Coat is on several aspects so 3D modeling software:

  • Sculpt from voxels.
  • Carving on polygons like ZBrush.
  • Do re-topology of a model of high density to a model “low-poly” for real temp presentation as a game.
  • Create UV for the preparation of the textures.
  • Do paint patterns on textures and the “baking” of materials and lights in patterns.

For me, it is an essential tool for all 3D models to achieve. I am always on 3D Studio max to make the basic form and the animation. The new feature of version 4.7, did I couldn’t resist! Laughing out loud! 🙂 The functions of ACB (Physic based) materials are really impressive and add even more realism to the material. Here is a video of the new features of version 4.7 of video old Coat 4.53D  

Bought a new version of 3D Coat (4.7)!

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